Strawberry Jam

Don’t let the strawberry season end without making a jar of tasteful Strawberry Jam with no preservatives. #HappyCookingToYou

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  • Strawberries 600 gms
  • Cheeni (Sugar) 1 Cup
  • Lemon juice 1 & ½ tbs
  • Boiling water


Cut strawberries and remove the stem.

Reserve 1 cup of strawberries for later use.

In blender jar,add strawberries and blend to make a puree.

In pot,add strawberry puree,1 cup strawberries,sugar,mix well and cook on low flame for 15 minutes.

Add lemon juice,mix well and cook on low flame for 20-25 minutes and check by ice cold plate technique method.

In boiling water,add air tight jar and sterilize for 5-6 minutes then remove jar from the water and drain on a clean towel.

Transfer strawberry jam to sterilized jar.

Let it cool down for 10 minutes & refrigerate until use.

Can be stored in an air tight container for up to 6-7 months.

Recipe By: Asad Memon

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