Onion Samosa

Onion Samosa with the perfect chutney recipe to go with it. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #RamzanRecipes

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  • Pyaz (Onion) 500g
  • Hari mirch (Green chilli) chopped 2 tbs
  • Adrak lehsan paste (Ginger garlic paste) 1 tbs
  • Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) chopped ¼ Cup
  • Sabut dhania (Coriander seeds) roasted & crushed 1 & ½ tbs
  • Namak (Salt) 1 tsp or to taste
  • Garam masala powder 1 tsp
  • Chicken powder 1 tsp (optional)
  • Zeera powder (Cumin powder) 1 & ½ tsp
  • Chaat masala 1 tsp
  • Lal mirch powder (Red chilli powder) 1 tsp or to taste
  • Lemon juice 1 tbs
  • Maida (All-purpose flour) 2-3 tbs
  • Water 2-3 tbs or as required
  • Samosa sheet/Manda patti as required
  • Cooking oil for frying

Imli Aalo Bukhara Chutney:

  • Aloo bukhara (Dried plums) soaked & deseeded 1 & ½ Cup
  • Imli pulp (Tamarind pulp) 1 Cup
  • Lal mirch (Red chilli) crushed ½ tsp
  • Saunf (Fennel seeds) powder 1 tsp
  • Ajwain (Carom seeds) ¼ tsp
  • Kala namak (Black salt) ¼ tsp
  • Namak (Salt) ½ tsp or to taste
  • Water 1 & ½ Cup or as required
  • Sugar 3 tbs
  • Lal mirch powder (Red chilli powder) ½ tsp or to taste
  • Adrak powder (Ginger powder) ¼ tsp
  • Cooking oil 1 tbs
  • Cornflour 1 tbs or as required
  • Water 2-3 tbs


Onion Samosa:

Finely chop onion with the help of knife.

In a bowl,add onion,green chilli,ginger garlic paste,fresh coriander,coriander seeds,salt,garam masala, chicken powder,cumin powder,chaat masala,red chilli powder,lemon juice,mix well & set aside.

In a small bowl,add all-purpose flour,gradually add water & whisk well.Flour slurry is ready!

Take samosa sheet/manda patti and make pocket,add onion filling in the center (1 tbs) and roll into the shape of samosa and seal corners with all-purpose flour slurry.

Similarly make other samosas (makes 20-25).

In wok,heat cooking oil and fry on medium flame until golden brown.

Imli Aalo Bukhara Chutney:

In a pot,add dried plums,tamarind pulp,red chilli crushed,fennel seeds,carom seeds,black salt,salt and water,mix well & bring it to boil,cover & cook on medium flame for 2-3 minutes.

Turn off the flame and blend well with the help of blender.

Turn on the flame,add sugar,red chilli powder,ginger powder,cooking oil,mix well & cook for a minute.

In cornflour,add water and whisk well.

Gradually add dissolved cornflour,mix well & cook on medium flame until thickens (1-2 minutes).

Let it cool.

Store in clean & sterilized jar.

Storable for up to 1 month.

Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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