Churros Pudding

Where the irresistible crunch of churros meets the creamy goodness of Olper’s Cream, this Churros Pudding is a dessert dream come true! Watch the recipe and create it in the comfort of your home. #OlpersDairyCream #GoodnessBarhao #FoodFusion #HappyCookingToYou #Desserts #RamadanRecipes #Digitalammi

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Prepare Pudding:

-Olper’s Milk 2 & ½ Cups

-Sugar 1/3 Cup or to taste

-Instant pudding mix 2 packs (160g)

-Olper’s Cream ¾ Cup

Prepare Chocolate Ganache:

-Semi sweetened dark chocolate 200g

-Olper’s Cream ½ Cup (100ml)

Prepare Churros:

-Makhan (Butter) unsalted 30g

-Olper’s Milk ½ Cup

-Water ½ Cup

-Himalayan pink salt ¼ tsp or to taste

-Sugar 1 tbs

-Vanilla essence 1 tsp

-Maida (All-purpose flour) sifted 1 Cup

-Anday (Eggs) 3

-Cooking oil for frying

-Bareek cheeni (Caster sugar) 3 tbs or as required

-Darchini powder (Cinnamon powder) 1 tbs

-White chocolate

-Golden sprinkles



Prepare Pudding:

-In a saucepan,add milk,sugar,instant pudding mix & whisk well.

-Turn on the flame & cook on low flame for 4-5 minutes.

-Remove from flame & let it cool for 5 minutes.

-Add cream,mix until well combined & set aside.

Prepare Chocolate Ganache:

-In a bowl,add dark chocolate,cream & microwave for a minute then mix well until smooth.

Prepare Churros:

-In a saucepan,add butter,milk,water,pink salt,sugar,vanilla essence & turn on the flame,mix well & bring it to boil.

-On low flame,add all-purpose flour & mix well until dough is formed.

-Take out in a bowl & let it cool.

-Add eggs,one by one & beat well then transfer to a piping bag with a 1M nozzle.

-In a wok,heat cooking oil & carefully pipe out mixture into preheated oil,cut the end with clean scissor & fry churros on medium low flame until golden brown.

-In a serving dish,arrange churros in the bottom of the dish (substitute of churros: Pound cake).

-In a jar,add caster sugar,add cinnamon powder & shake well.

-Sprinkle prepared cinnamon sugar on churros.

-Now pour prepared pudding on churros & let it set in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

-Now pour & spread prepared chocolate ganache on churros pudding.

-Decorate with white chocolate & golden sprinkles.

-Refrigerate until set & serve chilled!


Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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