Caramel Cream Delight

A dessert recipe loved by everyone. Caramel Cream Delight – Simple ingredients and easy process. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #Desserts #Recipes

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-Sugar 2 Cups

-Badam (Almonds) roughly chopped ½ Cup

-Makhan (Butter) 2 tbs

-Cream ½ Cup

-Whipping cream 250ml


-Plain sponge cake

-Caramel sauce

-Caramel cream



-In a saucepan,add sugar & cook on very low flame until sugar is caramelize & turns brown and stir sauce pan slightly for 2-3 times in between.

-On a clean silicon mat,add & spread almonds & pour half quantity of caramelized sugar & reserve half for later use.

-Let it cool completely and break into small pieces then crush coarsely with the help of kitchen pounder.Caramel crunch is ready!

-Reheat reserved caramelized sugar on very low flame,add butter & whisk well.

-Turn off the flame,add cream & whisk well.

-Let it cool completely.Caramel sauce is ready!

-In a bowl,add whipping cream & beat well until stiff peaks form.

-Add half quantity of caramel crunch & reserve half for garnishing.

-Add half quantity of prepared caramel sauce (transfer remaining sauce in squeeze bottle for garnishing).

-Mix with until well combined & transfer to a piping bag.Caramel cream is ready!

-In a serving dish,add a layer of plain sponge cake,drizzle caramel sauce,caramel cream,plain sponge cake,caramel sauce,caramel cream and spread evenly.

-Garnish with caramel sauce,caramel crunch & serve chilled.


Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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