Frozen Cake Dessert

This Eid make this beautiful Cake with Wall’s Creamy delights and serve in Wall’s bowl.

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  • Milk chocolate 100gms
  • Pista ice cream as required
  • Brownie/cake as required
  • King kulfa as required
  • Topping for decoration


Melt milk chocolate in microwave for 45 seconds.

Line loaf dish/pan with butter paper and spread melted chocolate in the bottom of the pan/dish, freeze for 30 minutes.

Place pista ice cream slices in loaf pan/dish and spread evenly.

Place brownie or cake slices over it and freeze for 60 mins.

Now again place king kulfa ice cream slice over it, spread evenly and freeze for 60 mins.

For glass decoration,take ice cream bowl, dip into melted chocolate and coat with rainbow sprinkles.

Take out loaf dish/pan from freeze, invert and remove butter paper.

Cut the frozen cake into desired slices and place in decorated glass bowl.

Sprinkle nuts,bunties,chocolate chips,rainbow sprinkles or any of your choice and serve.

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