Mango Barfi Rolls

Savor the irresistible sweetness of Mango Barfi Rolls, made with Olper’s FCMP! 🥭🌟✨ Dive into the rich flavors of juicy mangoes, expertly crafted into delectable barfi rolls that will transport you to a tropical paradise with every delightful bite #happycookingtoyou #foodfusion #OlpersMilk #Olpers #OlpersMilkPowder

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-Aam (Mango) chunks 300g

-Olper’s milk powder 2 & ½ Cups

-Olper’s Tarrka Desi Ghee 1 tbs

-Water ½ Cup

-Sugar ½ Cup or to taste

-Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder) ½ tsp

-Pista (Pistachios) chopped 1 tbs

-Badam (Almonds) chopped 1 tbs

-Khopra (Desiccated coconut) ½ Cup

-Chandi warq (Edible silver leaf)

-Pista (Pistachios)



-In a blender jug,add mango & blend to make puree (approx. 1 & ½ Cup).

-In a frying pan,add mango puree & cook on low flame while mixing continuously until its moisture reduced (10-12 minutes) & set aside.

-In a frying pan,add milk powder,desi ghee,water,mix continuously & cook on low flame until it leaves the sides of the pot (8-10 minutes).

-Khoya (mava) is ready!

-Add sugar,cardamom powder,mix well & cook until dough is formed.

-Take out half quantity of prepared khoya in a bowl & reserve for later use.

-In remaining half quantity of khoya,add prepared mango puree,mix continuously & cook on low flame until it leaves the sides of the pot (8-10 minutes).

-In reserved khoya,add pistachios,almonds,desiccated coconut & mix well.

-Transfer the mixture to a clean working surface,grease hands with oil,roll it into a log shape & set aside.

-On a clean working surface,spread butter paper,place mango dough & another butter paper & roll out with the help of rolling pin.

-Place log shape dough & roll it like swiss roll & wrap in butter paper & refrigerate for 30 minutes.

-Cut into thick slices,garnish with edible silver leaf,pistachios & serve!


Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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