Cupcake Decoration Ideas – Do it like a pro

A comprehensive video with amazing cup cake decoration ideas with a no fail buttercream frosting recipe. So decorate and share your love with everyone. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #EBM #PeekFreans

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Prepare Buttercream Frosting:

-Icing sugar 400g

-Makhan (Butter) unsalted 180g soft

-Doodh (Milk) 3 tbs

-Vanilla essence ¼ tsp

-2-3 drops of gel food color of your choice

-Peek Freans Strawberry Cake up

-Peek Freans Caramel Cake up

-Peek Freans Chocolate Cake up

-Multi sprinkles

-Chocolate sprinkles



Prepare Buttercream Frosting:

-Sift icing sugar with the help of sifter in a bowl & set aside.

-In kneading mixer,add butter,beat until butter is creamy & changes color (5-6 minutes).

-Gradually add icing sugar & beat initially on low speed then on high speed until well combined.

-In milk,add vanilla essence & mix well.

-Gradually add in butter frosting & beat until smooth.Buttercream frosting is ready!

How to add color in Frosting:

-Take out 1/3rd of prepared buttercream frosting in a bowl,add gel food color of your choice & mix well until no lumps.

-Add colored buttercream frosting to the remaining plain buttercream frosting & mix well until evenly combined.

-Transfer to a piping bag & refrigerate until use.

-Decorate cupcakes with or without buttercream frosting & serve!

Recipe By: Khadija Firdous

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