Baked Alaska Cake

This baked Alaska Cake recipe will definitely have your guests asking “Who made this?” Do try this recipe on Eid with Hico Ice Cream and tag us on Instagram #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #Hico

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Prepare Ice cream Layers:

  • Hico Dairy Mango Ice cream
  • Hico Dairy Praline Ice cream

Prepare Meringue:

  • Water as required
  • Anday ki safedi (Egg whites) 5
  • Cream of tartar ½ tsp
  • Sugar powdered ¾ Cup
  • Vanilla essence ½ tsp


  • Cake of your choice


Prepare Ice cream Layers:

Line a bowl with aluminum foil properly.

Use an ice cream scoop to transfer mango ice cream into the bowl then press down to set an even layer & freeze for 4 hours.

Takeout the bowl from the freezer,use an ice cream scoop to transfer praline ice cream over the mango ice cream layer then press down to set an even layer & freeze for 4 hours.

Prepare Meringue:

In a pot,add water & bring it to boil.

Place a bowl over the pot,add egg whites,cream of tartar and whisk continuously until foamy (3-4 minutes).

Remove from heat and beat well until foamy.

Gradually add sugar (1 tbs at a time) and beat well until its doubled in volume.

Add vanilla essence & beat until stiff peaks form then transfer to a piping bag & set aside.


Place cake on cake strand.

With the help of 7-inch cake cutter,cut the sides of cake.

Now take out frozen ice cream layers from freezer,invert the bowl on cake,remove the bowl then remove aluminum foil.

Apply thin layer of prepared meringue all over the cake and decorate with meringue flowers.

Toast the meringue with blow torch,cut into slices & serve!

Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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