Mango Malai Falooda

A delicious and colorful treat, this is a perfect summertime dessert. Try this Mango Malai Falooda made with creamy goodness of Olper’s Dairy Cream. #OlpersDairyCream #GoodnessBarhjaye #FoodFusion #HappyCookingToYou #Mango #MangoRecipes

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Prepare Mango Rabri:

-Aam (Mango) cubes 3 medium

-Olper’s milk 1 litre

-Sugar ½ Cup or to taste

-Cornflour 3-4 tbs

-Olper’s milk ¼ Cup

-Mango essence 1 tsp

-Olper’s cream 200ml


-Lal sharbat

-Falooda sawaiyan

-Tukhme balanga (Basil seeds) soaked in water for 15 minutes

-Aam (Mango) cubes

-Mango ice cream

-Dry nuts sliced




Prepare Mango Rabri:

-In a blender jug,add mango and puree mangoes (approx. 2 Cups required) & set aside.

-In a wok,add milk & bring it to boil.

-Add sugar,mix well & cook until sugar is dissolved (2-3 minutes).

-In a small bowl,add cornflour,milk & whisk well.

-Now add dissolved cornflour in boiling milk,whisk well and cook on low flame until it thickens.

-Add mango essence,mix well & let it cool for 15 minutes.

-Add mango puree and cream,mix well & refrigerate until use.


-In a serving glass,add lal sharbat,falooda sawaiyan,soaked basil seeds,mango cubes,prepared mango rabri,mango ice cream & garnish with dry nuts,cherry & serve!

Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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