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Anex Spice Mill and Food Fusion Mug
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Troubled with the process of grinding spices during cooking? This Anex Spice Mill solves the problem and is regularly used at Food Fusion without problems. Its simple press start option allows for a convenient single hand operation. The spice mill comes with a FREE Food Fusion Branded Mug!

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Food Fusion Branded Mug White color

Food Fusion Branded Mug is the perfect essential if you are a fan of Food Fusion Recipes. Available in white, the mug is microwave safe and can be used for multiple purposes. Be it sipping a cup of hot coffee, making instant noodles or a stationary holder for your table.

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Food Fusion Spoon Rest Geo (Sold)

Available in 3 colors, Geo Teal, Geo Blue and Geo Teal Multi, these beautiful multipurpose spoon rests/tea coasters are made of ceramic colors are hand glazed that give it a shiny and vibrant finish. Each spoon rest gets individual attention during the manufacturing process and is proudly made in Pakistan.

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